Update from Matt

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Brief update from Matt Bajor / Unauthorized

Yarn Image of Moonrock Mountain by Matt Bajor

Hi everyone! As you may have noticed, there has not been much movement here on CICD 4 Life. I’ve been working on various other projects, including a venture into building and touring large scale art. While I am still working in DevOps (at Workday), my general direction involves moving towards art and sculpture.

However, until we get there I intend to keep updating here and queue up a few new posts on Kubernetes, GKE, and Jenkins.

Until then please check out my new website Winterworks: Fine Art Firepits and Dichroic Sculpture

Containerizing local commands

A drone in a build system may be asked to build many types of software for many different teams. Over time, the dependencies required begin to get hard to manage, especially when dealing with multiple versions. By running software straight from containers, we can eliminate the need for a lot of pre-installed software when running our builds and the headache that comes with it. Continue reading